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Salon Safety Guidelines

In an era of social distancing, it’s understandable to wonder, “how will my salon appointment even work?” While things might look a little different now, I’m committed to providing you with a relaxing, comfortable and memorable visit.


Prior to your Arrival


Please arrive ready for your appointment with clean, dry hair. 


How to Check-In


IF you arrive to the studio more than 5 minutes early, All guests will be asked to remain in their cars, and to text me (Riane) upon their arrival. Once the studio has been properly prepared, I’ll invite you to make your way to the studio!


As a beauty professional, I am required by the county to wear a face mask and protective face shield or goggles. The good news is that you as the guest only have to wear a mask! Please follow county guidelines and keep your mask on at all times during your service. If you need a mask that loops around your ears, I will also have some disposable masks available for you.


As much as I love seeing your loved ones and littles, please come alone to your appointment. Due to strict social distancing guidelines (and square footage in my space), I cannot allow more than one guest at a time.


What to Bring


On that same note, please plan to limit the amount of personal items you bring into the studio! This includes refreshments and entertainment. I will have water and other refreshments available, as long as state and local guidelines allow it! 


Now this might be the toughest part of 2020: sharing phones are not allowed during your visit. I know, I know - this is a difficult one during a long visit, but phones are some of the dirtiest surfaces we own! I will allow your phone to be out during the consultation, so you can share inspo photos and will provide you with a sanitation wipe for the rest of the visit.


Mask in Style

Payments & Products


When it’s time to wrap things up, you’ll probably realize you need some new products! I’m happy to grab and package those for you so they remain germ-free.

Only contactless forms of payment will be accepted through my online system, which accepts: Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, Discover, MasterCard and Amex. Online gift cards and prepaid visits will still be accepted! 


 In order to keep Crescent Mane’s space as safe, enjoyable and in compliance with the county as possible, all guests are expected to comply. While I understand how overwhelming these new rules can feel, it means so much to me to know that you’re still willing (and excited) to arrive!


I am beyond excited to welcome you back into the studio, while giving your hair some much needed love!

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