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Welcome to my wonderful world of all things hair.

Here is where I dump all my best tips, tricks, trends, and advice on how to make the most of your relationship with your hair and your hairstylist!

3 healthy tips to lighten your hair for Spring

We haircare and beauty lovers do this thing every year where we feel the sudden need to dye our hair dark for fall. But then, only a couple of months later, we find ourselves wanting to lighten our hair again.

When will we learn, am I right?

If you darkened your hair over the fall or winter season, and are already craving a more dimensional and bright look, I’ve got a few tips to share! But remember, these tips really only apply if your darkened hair color is au naturale, or salon-created. Box dyed hair is a totally different story - but have no fear, I’ve got an upcoming blog covering what to expect when it comes to in-salon color corrections!


Anyways, back to the subject at hand. Here are 3 tips to help you lighten your hair (in the salon) without completely damaging it!


1. Take the process one step at a time.

It is so much healthier for your hair (and more flattering) to approach your hair lightening process in multiple phases. Even if you do want to go fully blonde, that’s not necessarily the safest move for your pre-dyed and darkened hair.

Plan to lighten and brighten your hair with the addition of highlighted and balayaged pieces over the course of a couple of salon visits. This way, you achieve a beautiful, dimensional look every time you leave the salon, without the extreme damage of going completely blonde all at once.

You might even find that you love the in-between look and process of lightening your hair so much that you leave it as it is! It’s been known to happen a time or two 💁‍♀️

2. Make sure to prep your hair to strengthen it for upcoming processing and lightening.

Think of your upcoming blonding appointments as the marathon you’re training for. And then, think of your at-home deep conditioners and bond builders as the actual training for that marathon!

Basically, a successful and healthy hair lightening experience begins at home. Start prepping your hair for your upcoming lightening sessions now, so you have less damage to contend with later! I recommend adding Olaplex No.3 to your at-home hair care arsenal. Apply it to your hair for about 10-20 minutes before you wash and condition - it’ll help to strengthen your hair’s bonds, making them healthier for those lightening sessions!

3. Plan to purchase new products for your newly lightening hair.

Not only will your new hair color be an entirely different tone and depth, but it’ll likely need more intense hydration, moisture and heat protection. Make sure to ask your stylist for their recommendations on what products would be best for your specific hair type and color.

Because salon-quality products can be a bigger investment, I recommend setting aside a small fund to prepare yourself for that product purchase you’ll be making. It’ll ease up that feeling of “ouch, spending that really hurt,” and instead make you feel prepared for everything you need! (Not to turn this into a blog about financial tips, or anything 😉)

Enjoy your beautiful, bright and blonde hair this spring and summer! Just don’t forget the deep conditioner.


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