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Welcome to my wonderful world of all things hair.

Here is where I dump all my best tips, tricks, trends, and advice on how to make the most of your relationship with your hair and your hairstylist!

Quick Maintenance Services You Don’t Want to Skip

I get it. Life is busy, and the first things to get booted from the schedule tend to be those necessary, but slightly less crucial personal care appointments.

We’ve all found ourselves feeling overwhelmed and crunched for time, and somehow or other, rescheduling that manicure, root touch up, or trim. But the sad thing is that we always feel worse after neglecting those smaller appointments, don’t we?

Not only does your hair need those quick maintenance services, but you do, too. In case no one’s told you lately: you deserve the pampering and care that you dole out so easily to everyone else.

And if you’re riiiight on the cusp of saying, “Yes woman, you’re completely right!” I’ll go ahead and seal the deal by sharing three quick maintenance services you NEVER want to skip!

>>Toning Appointments<<

As with all good things in life, toner fades. So, if you’re wondering why your hair is looking brassy or losing its shine after your lightening session, this is why!

Refresh your toner every 6-8 weeks for the best color results. I use a demi-permanent for toners that serves to provide a conditioning base color without damaging the cuticle! It adds shine and smoothens the hair follicle.

A toning service should take no more than 20--40 minutes. Plus, your hair feels super soft and shiny afterwards. Book those toner appointments!


Even if the plan is to grow out your hair, your ends will still split every month.

Many people are not aware that our hair naturally splits every month. So, even if the plan is to grow your hair out, you need to book regular haircuts in order to make sure those splits aren’t traveling up the shaft of your hair.

If you wait too long between your appointments, you’ll have to cut more off to have healthy, shiny hair. Not fun, I know.

If growing your hair out is the goal, I recommend waiting no longer than 3 months in between each appointment. If you want to maintain the shape of your haircut, I recommend booking an appointment every 6-8 weeks!

>>Special Treatments<<

Every time a client goes through with a special treatment, they can’t help but gawk at how smooth and soft their hair feels. This is something you can do every time you get your hair done!

Book a haircut and treatment, toner and treatment or even add one to your highlighting service. The treatment will help lock in your color, as it’s more concentrated than even the masks you’re doing at home. The more often you book those special treatments, the better your hair will feel.

Remember to show yourself (and your hair) some love! Your future self will thank you for it 🌙

Book your next maintenance appointment!


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