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Welcome to my wonderful world of all things hair.

Here is where I dump all my best tips, tricks, trends, and advice on how to make the most of your relationship with your hair and your hairstylist!

5 products I can’t live without

One could say that I’ve used quite a few hair products in my life… but I’m a hairstylist, it’s kind of my job. Right? 😏

So, when I say that I’ve narrowed my list of must-haves down to 5 products I absolutely can’t live without, that means business. The good news for you is that you get all of the knowledge and benefit of knowing what those 5 products are, without spending countless hours and dollars testing and trying for yourself!

Not all heroes wear capes, my friend. Fine, fine - please allow me to *finally* share 5 hair products I can’t live without!

Hairstory’s New Wash

I’m a sucker for multifunctionality, and Hairstory’s New Wash replaces both your shampoo, and conditioner. Through the use of essential oils and fatty alcohols, (all naturally derived and biodegradable), New Wash cleans and balances your hair naturally, and gently. My favorite thing about this product is that it’s free of the harsh detergents that have a tendency to strip your scalp. By not using products with harsh detergents, you’re allowing your natural oil cycle to restore, which means everyone’s favorite thing: longer days between washes!

Now, all of Hairstory’s products are non-toxic, refillable, and are offered via a refill subscription system that reduces plastic consumption by 91%. Win-win, if you ask me!

Cult and King’s Tonik

As a hairstylist, I prioritize scalp health above all else. A healthy scalp = healthier hair, and healthier hair is the prettiest ✨

Tonik by Cult and King is a scalp potion and hair conditioner, which works to restore your hair’s natural pH balance, while exfoliating and penetrating the pores of your scalp to help loosen and dissolve dirt, toxins and DHT.* An added bonus? All of Cult and King’s products come in beautiful, refillable bottles.

*DHT is a hormone that is known for contributing to hair thinning and loss.

Olaplex No. 3

As someone who has gone from blonde, to brown, to red and back, my hair needs a little extra love and TLC. I am a huge fan of at-home hair treatments, but it’s important to remember that not all treatments are created equal!

Olaplex’s No.3 is not only a pre-treatment, it serves as a bond builder, too. Your hair’s bonds are what protect your hair from damage, and they are essentially what break when you use permanent color, or lightening treatments. Through the use of disulfide bonds, No.3 goes in and restores the hair strand from the inside out, while repairing and allowing the hair to retain its moisture and strength. No. 3 also helps to restore hair from avid heat styling… so basically, it’s good for everyone.

Incommon’s Magic Myst

Purchase Magic Myst
I’ve been a huge proponent of Magic Myst for a few years now. Magic Myst is my go to one-and-done product for everything. If you want shiny, smooth, frizz-free, tangle-free, healthy and heat-protected hair, Magic Myst is your friend.

I personally spray this in my hair after every wash to help add nourishment and heat protection. If your hair is prone to tangles, you’ll love Magic Myst. It’s also a great refresher for curly hair, to help refine your curls day after day.

Cult and King’s Jelly

I used to be an avid user of every texture spray on the market. But since I’ve made the shift
towards non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, I hadn’t been able to find a texture spray that gives me that messy bedhead texture… until this!

Not only is the gorgeous packaging completely recyclable and refillable, the ingredients are non-toxic, and free of artificial fragrances. It also helps that it happens to work like a dream, too! I love using Jelly for added volume and texture, and I tend to apply it while my hair is still damp by scrunching it in, and rubbing it into my root area. I’ll sometimes scrunch a bit of Jelly into my freshly curled hair, prior to brushing my curls out. It gives the perfect texture and added juuj!

By adding the right products to your arsenal, you’re allowing your beautiful hair to behave its best, and happiest. Make sure to treat yourself (and your hair) to some extra TLC, and don’t forget to tell me what you grab!

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