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Clean, Sustainable Products 



Choosing the right hair products for your hair type and style? Not an easy feat. But choosing the right safe, non-toxic and organic products? That’s another story. 


A little over a year ago, I set out on a mission to find non-toxic, sustainable and organic hair products that worked as well (or better) than popular salon brands. I spent several months trying and testing brands for myself, while also combing through which products I deemed were the absolute best. 


After investing that time and money into my personal research, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite, tried-and-true and go-to sustainable, non-toxic and organic hair products below! 


Whether you choose to shop my recommendations* now, or simply bookmark this list for a later date, I’m here to support your journey to safer, healthier hair 🌙


Cult + King

Not only are Cult + King’s products non-toxic, but their packaging is fully recyclable. Their beautiful, refillable glass bottles will look incredible on your vanity, without cluttering things up.

The best part? Cult + King’s products are buildable, which makes them suitable for all hair types - however fine and thin, or thick and coarse.


Style gives a smooth finish, while adding moisture, hold and heat protection - making it perfect for all hair types! Additionally, Style helps make the hair more cooperative for a natural or styled look. 


For fine hair, apply Style from the middle to the end of your hair when wet. For medium to coarse hair, apply Style from the roots to the ends before styling. 


Style can also be used to tame flyaways, or frizzy ends!


Suitable for any hair type, Tonik serves to condition the scalp and hair follicle, without the use of synthetic chemicals.


Tonik also helps to stimulate the scalp to combat hormonal hair loss and any itchiness or irritation. Just spray Tonik on your damp hair or beard, and comb it through!


For best results, repeat 2-3 times per week.

jelly photo.jpg

Jelly offers the texture and volume of a salt spray, without over drying or weighing down the hair. Jelly is perfect for those who want beautiful, handy-styled and voluminous waves and curls. Jelly is best suited for those who want to achieve more texture and volume in their daily style.


The beauty in Jelly is its multifunctionality - it can also be used to achieve a gorgeous blow out or curl set on hair that doesn’t typically hold style very well! 


For best results, apply from roots to ends on wet hair before styling.

Innersense     Organics 

Innersense is a certified carbon and plastic-neutral company. Their packaging is recyclable, and their products are made with sustainable, organic and non-toxic ingredients that work for every hair type. (My favorite)

Innersense Hairbaths & Conditioners

Best for finer hair textures, this color-safe duo will help to build body, enhance vibrancy and detangle, without weighing the hair down.


Suitable for fine to medium hair textures, the Color Awakening + Color Radiance duo help to keep color-treated hair vibrant, healthy and hydrated.


If you have thick, coarse and thirsty hair, the Hydrating Cream Hairbath + Conditioner will boost your hydration, and help restore the hair cuticle while retaining moisture.

Innersense Styling Products

This lightweight detangler and leave-in moisturizer is suitable for all hair types! For best results, pair it with Innersense’s Hair Love Prep Spray.


This silicone-free oil adds shine, and nourishes all hair types and textures. It seals in moisture while eliminating frizz and helps to protect against further damage.


Ideal for all hair types, apply after hair is dry to smooth and gloss. 


This styling lotion will shape and define curls, while eliminating frizz and boosting hydration.


If you’re looking to add texture to your look, use this ultra-moisturizing, lightweight texture cream to add definition, hold, eliminate frizz and flyways, and help keep the humidity flare ups at bay.


Great for all hair types


If you’d like to achieve a sleek style, this is the blow out lotion for you! Suitable for all hair types, this smoothing cream will lock in moisture, smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz without weighing your hair down.

When it comes to your styling routine, simplicity goes a loooong way. Hairstory offers a multifunctional and multi-purpose approach to sustainable, non-toxic hair products. Additionally, Hairstory allows you to sign up for refills through their subscription - meaning you can set it and forget it.


    New Wash (DEEP) + Scalp Brush

Hairstory’s New Wash (Deep) is the perfect 2-in-1 product. It’s neither a shampoo or a conditioner, but it does clean your hair and condition it without the use of harsh sulfates or detergents.

New Wash does not sud up like a traditional shampoo and conditioner, because it does not include any detergents or harsh sulfates. There will likely be an adjustment period for your scalp, because New Wash is an oil-based, condition-based cleanser. Try New Wash (deep) for yourself and stick it out for a couple of weeks - I promise it’s worth it!

After using New Wash (deep) on my fine hair, I was able to achieve more volume naturally, and retain more moisture. New Wash also happens to smell incredible! Pair it with Hairstory’s Scalp Brush for a religious shower experience.

*This page includes affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through the links on this page, I will be given a small commission. Thank you so much for your support!

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